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Cambodia’s promising future is underscored by a strong economy, growing at nearly 6%, and a youthful median age of 25. To approach this market wisely, focus on Cambodia’s flourishing bakery, quick-service restaurant, and retail sectors, catering to the demands of young, higher-income Cambodians.

Currently, agriculture imports primarily revolve around the milling industry due to the nascent state of Cambodia’s food processing sector. EU member states export these products to Cambodia. Traditional markets still dominate food sales, but modern outlets like supermarkets, convenience stores, and quick-service restaurants are on the rise.

Limited local food manufacturing results in a diverse range of imported processed foods. The highest growth potential in imported foods for consumers can be found in breakfast cereals, frozen desserts, dairy, snacks, biscuits, fruit snacks, confectionery, and baby food—though these markets are in their infancy.

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