China’s imported Food and Beverage Market

We understand the Asian markets, the needs of foreign F&B industries, and how the product needs positioning in the market.

China is a prime destination for foreign food and drink brands due to a combination of factors: a massive and increasingly affluent population, a growing curiosity for new flavours and experiences, a lack of domestic supply in some categories to meet its demand, and a rapidly expanding distribution network that makes these products accessible.

China’s market is huge but very crowded. It offers plenty of room for different kinds of products, whether you’re targeting the mass market or a specific niche. However, you will need to compete with nearly every other brand and origin in the world and an increased domestic competition. This makes differentiation crucial; your brand is but one choice in a sea of alternatives. Unless you are the cheapest, consumers won’t have a reason to buy your products unless you explain to them why they should.

We’ve been stirring the pot in China’s food and beverage market for almost 20 years! With our spirited team of 20+ in Beijing, we’re all about breaking down the Chinese F&B market and spicing things up. Get things done—minus the hair-pulling.

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