Explore Indonesia’s diversity and find what they demand.

Despite the emerging star status of Indonesia, its demand for EU agri-food products remains quite modest, primarily for items like milk, whey powder, and cereals. The promise here, which is a common characteristic in Southeast Asia, lies in a population exceeding 200 million people, with a median age under 30 and an economy benefiting from the demographic dividend, creating a vast market.

However, there are important considerations. Indonesia spans over 5,000 km, it consists of many islands, and it is culturally very diverse, so exporters must strategically choose where to begin. Half of the population resides in just four metropolitan areas, each with its unique characteristics, such as a strong preference for halal food. 

Indonesia is a country on the rise, and it’s projected that its food demand will quadruple by 2050. This makes a strong case for including Indonesia in your market radar, and we would love to guide you through your initial steps to tap into this promising market.

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