Break through Japan’s unique F&B market and knock it out of the park.

Japan, unlike its East Asian counterparts, is a unique economic powerhouse with a heavy reliance on food imports. Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate remained at 38% based on caloric intake in 2022, showing no improvement from the prior year and continuing to hover near an all-time low.

The country is experiencing important changes on its consumption patterns, exemplified by an all-time low rice consumption, while meat is on the rise. While there’s growing interest in foreign food and healthy diets, along with a thriving scene of foreign restaurants in cities, the market’s complexity goes beyond cultural factors.

Japan’s high standard of living has led to an extensive network of food outlets and restaurants, requiring newcomers to reassess their understanding of the agrifood market. Wholesalers play a crucial specialized role.

Navigating the complexity of the Japanese market can be challenging, but trust us, the potential rewards are exceptional. For European agrifood exporters, Japan is an essential destination to explore. 

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