Engage with the Filipino youth and join in their love for food.

The Philippines’ positive outlook, with its large, qualified, English-speaking young population, makes it an ideal candidate for companies pursuing a mid to long-term approach, despite challenges like inflation and inequality. Their agrifood imports, including cereals, meat, food preparations, and dairy, account for around $10 billion, rapidly growing at over 20% in 2022. This growth is driven by a rising interest in healthy, sustainable products, sparked by the pandemic and supported by online food delivery platforms.

Economic progress, a median age of 25, and cultural exposure through tourism and the Filipino diaspora make the Philippines a crucial target market for the EU agrifood industry. Yet, within categories, differences exist in consumer perception of quality linked to a country’s origin. Hence, careful evaluation, a mid-term approach, and an effective promotion plan are vital, tailored to diverse consumer groups. With the young population, storytelling through engaging narratives and events is crucial. 

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