Deliver authenticity in Singapore’s competitive F&B scene.

Singapore is unlike any other country in the region. Its strong economy, strategic trade location, and high average income levels make it a prime spot for foreign brands. Since Singapore imports most of its food, there’s an inherent need for diverse offerings. And with world-class logistics and distribution networks, getting your products on the shelves is a streamlined process.

Singapore is the EU’s second largest commercial partner in ASEAN, thanks in part to the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement in place since 2019. The country is an international ‘playground’ for brands from all over the world to position their products. 

Unlike in larger markets, Singapore offers a more focused and intimate environment to make a distinct impression. Standing out in this market requires a commitment to differentiation and a clear communication of the benefits of your products. In a market that values quality and authenticity, getting your strategy right is key for resonating with both locals and the international community. It’s a more compact market, so every move you make gets noticed.

We have our own staff based in Singapore who will help getting it done. Want boots on the ground? We’ve already got the shoes, let’s talk!

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