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In 2022, ICEX, in partnership with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food (MAPA), kicked off Spain Food Nation campaign in China, with an ambitious goal in sight: to boost the popularity and awareness of Spanish foods and gastronomy among Chinese consumers, foodies, and gourmets through a multimedia campaign, collaborating with influential Chinese media and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

We worked closely with each of the media partners and influencers to create bespoke content that piqued interest among the target groups—foodies, professionals, and well-off consumers—in Spanish products. Addressing various consumer profiles, we successfully showcased Spanish cuisine in its authentic form but also positioned it as an “offbeat” addition to Chinese culinary traditions.

We also established the SpainFoodNation section on the official Foods and Wines from Spain website in China (check it out) to make the produced content accessible over time. Wwe ensured the portal’s visibility on the Chinese web through innovative advertising techniques.

The results exceeded our expectations. In 2022, we generated over 19 million visualizations, and in 2023, that number surged to over 30 million across media, social media, and collaborating apps. This incredible impact helped Spanish products, both well-known and niche, find their audience in China and elevated the reputation of Spanish gastronomy as a top, trendy choice among Chinese consumers.

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