Taiwan is a developed F&B market that has yet to be fully explored by EU exporters.

Nearly one-third of Taiwan’s beverage imports originate from the European Union. Over the last five years, pork meat imports have doubled, with substantial growth in dairy products, cereals preparations, and olive oil imports. However, Taiwan is an advanced economy, there is considerable room for improvement of EU´s imports across most agrifood and drinks categories.

Taiwan’s discerning consumers hold a favourable view of the European Union, but navigating a highly competitive landscape is essential for success. Seasoned consumers expect you to convey your identity, and distributors and importers will scrutinize your credentials, quality, and unique advantages before entering into contracts. Failure to do so risks blending into an indistinguishable mass market.

Like other advanced regions, there is a growing demand for organic, natural, and fresh foods among Taiwanese consumers due to increasing health awareness. Leveraging the European Union’s sustainability initiatives can help you capture attention for your products. 

Reach out if you are intrigued about the Taiwanese market and we’ll take it from there—like a relay, but less sweaty.