Promoting your products in Asia without including live events is, in most cases, an inefficient use of resources. Consumers and professionals need to see, experience, and taste your products to fully understand what sets them apart from the competition.

Each product, linked to its origin, is unique, and each will require a different approach in Asian markets. Some might be well-known, but it’s important to showcase the specific attributes that make your product special, giving consumers a reason to choose your products over others. In other cases, your product might be completely new to consumers and even professionals, so they need to see how it’s handled, consumed, and learn about its attributes.


Events are also a great way to create business opportunities for your exporters. They make it easier to connect local food professionals with your producers or distributors.

In today’s world, having an online presence is crucial, and events are the perfect opportunity to create online content (videos, interviews, pictures) without having to spend loads of money on artificial settings just for a photo or video shooting. This is essential for campaigns that run over several years.

We have created amazing experiences for consumers and great platforms for professionals when promoting foreign agri-food in Asia, including:

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