Who we are

We are a market intelligence and communication agency specialising in the agri-food sector in Asia for international clients. We mainly work with foreign governments and sector associations. We have offices in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City and Madrid and close strategic partners in key markets in the region.

Our values

A service company is only as good as the team working in it and their values. Our main values include:


We rely on a diverse, multinational team of over 30 professionals with strong capabilities and solid experience providing consulting services in Asia. Women make up 80% of our team and 70% of our management roles.


We only have one planet that we all share, and we all should do our part. We are in the process of becoming climate positive, and our strategy is aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

No magic

No magic

What we do is based on sound research and market intelligence, therefore our recommendations make sense for our client’s reality. We do not have a one-fit-all solution that works every time. No magic, just hard work based on a good understanding of the markets where we work

To the point

We are practical and to the point. We do not pad out our reports with nice-to-know but mostly useless information.

to the point

They trust us