We are a market intelligence and communication agency specialising in the agri-food sector in Asia for international clients. It is very clear for us that we all share our planet, and as such, we have a shared responsibility to take care of it. As an international SME, we’re deeply committed to the health of our planet and the well-being of future generations.

We’ve partnered up with GREEN GLOBE Sustainability and Environmental Projects to measure our greenhouse gas emissions to understand where we can make improvements. We need to understand our footprint to make real changes in how we operate to become more sustainable.

ISO 14604-1

Following the UNE EN ISO 14064-1 standard to calculate and report our greenhouse gas emissions, GREEN GLOBE has precisely measured our carbon footprint. In our commitment to transparency, we are making their 87-page report on our carbon footprint available to everyone.

This project includes figuring out the direct and indirect emissions from our work, finding ways to reduce these, and considering how we can offset the rest. We have set clear goals for reducing our emissions.

This is a step towards reducing our impact on the climate. We’re making these efforts to do better for the environment and invite you to follow our progress as we work towards being a more sustainable business.

Access our full carbon footprint report