Porto Workshop: Food and Beverage Exporting to the Chinese Market

We always enjoy sharing what we know about the agri-food market in Asia, especially when it’s about China, and even more so now, when there are a lot of companies reassessing their interest in the market after a very long hiatus.

While in the past there was an overwhelming interest in the country, perhaps unfounded in many cases—China is not for all—now it’s the other way around. There are opportunities to be taken, but not so much interest from EU companies except in a handful of sectors.

Daniel, our Projects Director, really enjoyed taking part in the EU SME Centre’s workshop in Porto, organised in collaboration with SPI – Sociedade Portuguesa de Inovação, the Young Entrepreneurs Association Portugal-China AJEPC and PortugalFoods. They all did an amazing job putting the event together.

We were fascinated by Antonio Yü Gaspar’s presentation on Superbock’s journey in China. It’s a great example for other European companies to follow.