Easier food exports to the Philippines: how administrative order no. 20 simplifies agri-food exports to the Philippines

Food exports to the Philippines will significantly become easier as the Philippines’ President has recently signed the ‘ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NO. 20 – FURTHER STREAMLINING ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES AND POLICIES, AND REMOVING NON-TARIFF BARRIERS ON THE IMPORTATION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS’ to make it easier for foreign businesses to export agri-food products to this Asian country.

We hope to see reduced bureaucratic delays and more simple import requirements, something that often frustrated exporters. This means quicker approvals and fewer documents to handle.

For exporters, this translates to a more predictable and efficient trading environment. They can now expect faster clearance times at customs, reduced risks of shipment delays, and possibly lower operational costs due to these efficiencies. This change is particularly significant for industries dealing with perishable goods like food products, where timing is crucial.

The goal behind these reforms is to ensure a continuous supply of food in the Philippines while improving the country’s trading relationship with international partners. This initiative reflects the Philippines’s commitment to enhancing its trade environment and making it more accessible and appealing to global agricultural markets.

Link to the official publication: https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/2024/04/18/administrative-order-no-20-s-2024/