Vietnam Market Seminar: Food and Beverage Sector Opportunities for Estonian agri-food companies

On 19th October, we had a seminar about the Vietnam F&B market for our dear Estonian friends in the F&B industry, organised by Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and the Estonian Chamber of Commerce.


We Covered:

  • Vietnam today
  • Doing business in Vietnam Business culture, dos and don’ts
  • Preparing for a visit to Vietnam (business trip, trade show)
  • Negotiation terms and contracts – Consumer trends and consumption drivers
  • Overview of the imported F&B market (Imports, exports, production; Relevant categories; Market access and compliance; Labelling; Supply chain and distribution channels; Geographical distribution; Price build up; Promotion of products)


Why We Talked About Vietnam:

  • It’s a growing place for business in South East Asia.
  • Lots of young people, cities growing fast, and a stable country.
  • They’re excited about new products.
  • They’re looking for good tech and products.


Something to Think About: Vietnam is a must for EU agri-food companies looking to expand. Already a solid market for some product categories and many more will grow significantly soon.


Our Speaker: Our Pablo Recio led the talk.

Vietnam F&B Market Seminar for Estonian agri-food companies